Server Configuration Enums

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Defines a type of player class.

Command Input Result
ArmyInfantryOfficer Infantry Officer
ArmyLineInfantry Line Infantry
ArmyLineInfantry2 Line Infantry 92nd, Vistula or Friekorps
Grenadier Grenadier
Guard Guard
LightInfantry Light Infantry
Rifleman Rifleman
FlagBearer Flag Bearer
Drummer Drummer
Fifer Fifer
Bagpiper Bagpiper (Only available for the British Empire)
Surgeon Surgeon
Carpenter Carpenter
Cannoneer Cannoneer
Rocketeer Rocketeer (Only available for the British Empire)
NavalCaptain Captain
NavalMarine Marine
NavalSailor Sailor
NavalSailor2 Adept Sailor
CoastGuard Coast Guard
Customs Customs
Violinist Violinist


Defines a game faction.

Command Input Resulting Faction
British British Empire
French French Empire
Prussian Kingdom of Prussia


Defines a player weapon.

Command Input Resulting Weapon
Pistol Pistol
Blunderbuss Blunderbuss
Musket Musket
BakerRifle Baker Rifle
Unarmed Fists
Sabre Sabre
Cutlass Cutlass
SabreBriquet French & Prussian Rifleman Sword
BakerRifleBayonet British Rifleman Sword
Pike Pike = Boarding Pike
BearingFlag Flag


Handheld weapons that go boom.

Command Input Result
Pistol Pistol
Blunderbuss Blunderbuss
Musket Musket
BakerRifle Baker Rifle (A non-bayonetted Charleville musket model represents the French and Prussian rifle)


Defines a ship's type.

Command Input Description
frigate50gun 50-Gun Frigate
brigsloop13gun 13-Gun Brig-Sloop
schooner8gun 8-Gun Schooner
schooner2gun 2-Gun Schooner
rocketboat Rocketboat
gunboat Gunboat