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Map Specific Enums


Nations at War gamemodes
Input Gametype output
ArmyAssault Army Assault
ArmyBattlefield Army Battlefield
ArmyConquest Army Conquest
ArmyDeathmatch Army Deathmatch
ArmySiege Army Siege
NavalAssault Naval Assault
NavalBattlefield Naval Battlefield
CoastalSiege Coastal Siege
MeleeArena Melee Arena
Frontlines gamemodes
Input Gametype output
Offensive Offensive
Invasion Invasion

Map Names

Nations at War Army Battlefield Maps
Input Map
ArendanRiver Arendan River
AunbyValley Aunby Valley
AutumnWatch Autumn Watch
BlackForest Black Forest
CampSalamanca Camp Salamanca
Canyon Canyon
Causeways Causeways
CrossHills Crosshills
DesertRuins Desert Ruins
ErnestRidge Ernest Ridge
Glacier Glacier
Heartmound Heartmound
Highlands Highlands
HillsOfTyrol Hills of Tyrol
KingGeorge King George
LamarshFen Lamarsh Fen
Linburg Linburg
Marquette Marquette
Portnile Port Nile
Ravenstone Ravenstone
Ryhallvale Ryhall Vale
SacredValley Sacred Valley
Sharpton Sharpton
SpanishFarm Spanish Farm
Nations at War Army Siege Maps
Input Map
FortAlFarid Fort Al-Farid
FortChristiana Fort Christina
FortDarial Fort Darial
FortPierre Fort Pierre
FortSalettes Fort Salettes
FortSchwarz Fort Schwarz
FortWinston Fort Winston
Nations at War Linebattle Maps
Input Map
AlUddinRuins Al Uddin Ruins
AncientPlains Ancient Plains
DesertPlains Desert Plains
DesertPlainsSmall Desert Plains (Small)
Egypt Tahir Desert
GrassyPlains Grassy Plains 1
GrassyPlainsii Grassy Plains 2
GrassyPlainsiii Grassy Plains 3
GrassyPlainsiv Grassy Plains 4
GrassyPlainsv Grassy Plains 5
IslandPlains Island Plains
SnowyPlainsSmall Snowy Plains (Small)
SnowyPlains Snowy Plains
SnowyPlainsii Snowy Plains 2
SnowyPlainsiii Snowy Plains 3
SnowyPlainsiv Snowy Plains 4
SnowyPlainsv Snowy Plains 5
AlKimarPyramids Al Kimar Pyramids
Avignon Avignon
MontePilleronePass Pillerone Pass
VanoiseHeights Vanoise Heights
HudreeMarsh Hudree Marsh
Nations at War Naval & Coastal Siege Maps
Input Map
BalamorBay Balamor Bay
Caribbean Caribbean
FortNational Fort Imperial
HaroutiIslands Harouti Islands
MartelloTower Martello Tower
RandomWaters Open Waters
SouthSeaCastle South Sea Castle
Frontlines Maps
Input Map
BerktonGreen Berkton Green
Countryside Countryside
FortImraan Fort Imraan
Foxhole Foxhole
Freurlund Freurlund
HeroesLanding Heroes Landing
Lisartvalley Lisart Valley
Mansion Mansion
Marre Marre
Sacrifice Sacrifice
StPeters St. Peter's
Wasteland Wasteland
Nations at War Melee Arenas
Input Map
CastleArena Castle Arena
FortArena Fort Arena
GarrisonArena Garrison Arena
PalisadeArena Palisade Arena
SacredArena Sacred Arena
WatchtowerArena Watchtower Arena
Miscellaneous Maps
Input Map
CustomMap Flat Plains 1
CustomMapNaval Open Ocean
TrainingGrounds Training Grounds

Faction Round Winner Reason

Reason Game Mode
None All
NotEnoughPlayers Melee Arena
FactionHasTouchedGameObjectiveObject All
FactionHasCapturedGameObjectiveObject All
FactionShipsEliminated Naval Assault
FactionLostAllCrewReinforcements Unused
FactionHasMoreRemainingCrewReinforcements Unused
FactionTroopsEliminated Army Assault, Army Battlefield, Army Siege, Coastal Siege, Invasion, Melee Areana, Naval Assault
FactionHasMoreSurvivingTroops Army Battlefield, Melee Arena
FactionLostAllSpawnPoints Unused
FactionLostMajorSpawnPoints Army Siege, Coastal Siege, Invasion
FactionHasMoreShips Naval Assault
FactionHasMoreKills Army Assault
FactionCapturedAllCapturePoints Army Conquest, Offensive
FactionReachedMaxTickets Army Conquest, Naval Battlefield, Offensive
FactionHasMoreTickets Army Conquest, Naval Battlefield, Offensive
FactionHasMoreRounds Melee Areana

Player Properties Enums


Defines a type of player class.

Nations at War classes
Command Input Result
ArmyInfantryOfficer Infantry Officer
ArmyLineInfantry Line Infantry
Grenadier Grenadier
Guard Guard
LightInfantry Light Infantry
Rifleman Rifleman
FlagBearer Flag Bearer
Musician Drummer, Fifer, Bagpiper and Violinist
Surgeon Surgeon
Sergeant Sergeant
Sapper Sapper
Cannoneer Cannoneer
Rocketeer Rocketeer
NavalCaptain Captain
NavalMarine Marine
NavalSailor Sailor
NavalSailor2 Adept Sailor
Carpenter Carpenter
CoastGuard Coast Guard
Customs Customs
Hussar Hussar
Dragoon Cuirassier or Dragoon
Frontlines classes
Command Input Result
ArmyInfantryOfficer Infantry Officer
ArmyLineInfantry Rifleman
Surgeon Medic
Sapper Engineer
Cannoneer Artilleryman


Defines a player weapon.

Nations at War Weapons
Weapon Class Weapon Enum
Musket Musket_SeaServiceBrownBess
MusketGuard Musket_NewLandPatternBrownBess
MusketUnbayonetted Musket_LandLightInfantryPatternBrownBess_NoBayonet
Rifle Rifle_Pattern1800Infantry
Carbine Carbine_Elliot
Pistol Pistol_SeaService
Blunderbuss Blunderbuss_Variation1
Sword Sabre_1715Pattern
SwordOfficer Hanger_Variation1
SwordCavalry Sabre_AnXILightCavalry
Pike BoardingPike_Variation1
Axe2H Axe2H_Variation1
Axe1H Carpenter_Adze
Knife Dagger_Variation1
Spontoon Russian_Spontoon
RamRod CannonRamRod
BearingFlag BearingFlag
ConstructingHammer ConstructingHammer
DeconstructingHammer DeconstructingHammer
Spade DiggingSpade
Unarmed Unarmed
Frontlines weapons
Weapon Class Weapon Enum
WW1_Rifle Frontlines_LeeEnfield_MKIII
WW1_RifleUnbayonetted Frontlines_LeeEnfield_MKIII_No_Bayonet
WW1_Revolver Frontlines_Webley_Revolver_MKIV
WW1_Sword Frontlines_Pattern_1897_Officer_Sword
WW1_Bludgeon Frontlines_British_Trench_Club
WW1_TrenchKnife Frontlines_P1907_Trench_Knife
WW1_TrenchShovel Frontlines_Allied_Shovel
WW1_ExplosiveGrenade Frontlines_MillsGrenade_MKII
WW1_SmokeGrenade Frontlines_No37_MKI
Unarmed Unarmed

Weapon Classes

Command Input Resulting Weapon
Musket Musket
MusketGuard Guard Musket
MusketUnbayonetted Unbayonetted Musket
Rifle Rifle
Carbine Carbine
Pistol Pistol
Blunderbass Blunderbuss
Sword Sword
SwordOfficer Officer Sword
SwordCavalry Cavalry Sword
Pike Pike
Axe2H Two-handed Axe
Axe1H One-handed Axe (Weak)
Knife Knife (Weak)
RamRod RamRod
BearingFlag Nation flag
WW1_Rifle WW1 Rifle
WW1_Revolver WW1 Revolver
WW1_Sword WW1 Sword
WW1_TrenchKnife WW1 TrenchKnife
WW1_Bludgeon WW1 Bludgeon
WW1_ExplosiveGrenade WW1 HE Grenade
WW1_SmokeGrenade WW1 Smoke Grenade
ConstructingHammer One-handed Hammer
DeconstructingHammer Two-handed Sledgehammer
Spade Two-handed Shovel
WW1_RifleUnbayonetted WW1 Unbayonetted Rifle
WW1_TrenchShovel WW1 One-handed Shovel
Spontoon Sergeant's Spontoon


Handheld weapons that go boom.

Command Input Result
Unarmed (Ammoboxes Only) General Ammobox which replenishes ammunition for all firearms
Musket_SeaServiceBrownBess Musket
Musket_CharlevilleMarinePatternANIX Musket
Musket_IndiaPatternBrownBess Musket
Musket_CharlevilleIXXII Musket
Musket_NewLandPatternBrownBess Musket
Musket_CharlevilleGuardPattern Musket
Musket_NewLandLightInfantryPatternBrownBess Musket
Musket_CharlevilleDragoonPattern Musket
Musket_Russian_1808 Musket
Musket_Russian_1808_Guard Musket
Musket_Russian_1808_Light Musket
Carbine_Elliot Carbine
Carbine_CharlevilleCavalryIXXIII Carbine
Carbine_Russian_Cuirassier Carbine
Rifle_Pattern1800Infantry Rifle (Baker Rifle)
Rifle_CharlevilleDragoonPattern_NoBayonet Rifle
Rifle_Russian_1806 Rifle
Pistol_SeaService Pistol
Pistol_XIII Pistol
Pistol_NewLandPattern Pistol
Pistol_Russian_1809_Pistol Pistol
Blunderbuss_Variation1 Blunderbuss
Blunderbuss_Variation2 Blunderbuss


Defines a game faction.

Nations at War factions
Command Input Resulting Faction
British British Empire
French French Empire
Prussian Kingdom of Prussia
Russian Russian Empire
Italian Kingdom of Italy
Austrian Austrian Empire
Frontlines factions
Command Input Resulting Faction
Allied Allied Powers
Central Central Powers

Attacking Or Defending

Define if the command should apply for the attacking or defending factions.

Command Input Result
Attacking The attacking faction
Defending The defending faction

Voice Phrases

Voice phrases that can be used (normally for bot commands).

AbandonShip LeftBroadsideFire RepairBoat TakeAim OpenGunports
AimHigher LightLanterns RepairShip TakeHelm PrepareCombat
AimLower LoadCanisterShot RepelBoarders TakeHer PresentArms
AimRockets LoadCarcassRocket Retreat Taunt FixBayonet
BailShip LoadCaseRocket RetrieveBoats Thanks FullPort
BelayOrder LoadChainShot RightBroadsideFire VesselSighted FullStarboard
CeaseFire LoadHotShot RunOutGuns WeighAnchor GetDown
Charge LoadRocket Salute WetSail GoodShot
Cheer LoadRoundShot SecondRankFire YesSir HalfPort
CloseGunports LoadShot SectionsFire Warcry HalfStarboard
Compliment LowerGuns ShortenSail Duel HeaveTheLead
Disguise LowerRockets ShoulderArms PrimeLoad Help
DouseLanterns MakeReady SightGuns PutOutFires HoistColors
DropAnchor MakeSail StandGround QuarterPort Insult
EnemyVesselSighted Medic StayCalm QuarterStarboard LaunchBoats
Fire Mutiny StrikeColors RaiseGuns ReadyGuns
FireAtWill NoShouts Surrender RaiseRockets RemoveBayonet
FirstRankFire NoSir Swivel RamShot PatrioticCheer
HurrahCheer FormColumn ForwardMarch Follow Halt
AtTheDouble CloseRanks DoubleRank SingleRank Reinforce

Player Actions

Player actions that can be used (normally for bot commands).

Some actions must be executed in a sequence.

None ShipAutoMove Jump StartAimingFirearm
StopAimingFirearm FireFirearm FireCannon Driveship
Run Crouch PlayerAutoWalk SwitchWeapon
StartReloadFirearm InterruptReloadFirearm FinishReloadFirearm EnableCombatStance
DisableCombatStance StartMeleeWeaponHold StopMeleeWeaponHold ExecuteMeleeWeaponStrike
MeleeStrikeHigh MeleeStrikeLow MeleeStrikeLeft MeleeStrikeRight
StartMeleeBlock StopMeleeBlock ChangeMeleeBlock MeleeBlockHigh
MeleeBlockLow MeleeBlockLeft MeleeBlockRight FireDryFirearm
StartCrouching StopCrouching StopGestureAnimation PlayerGestureDanceGanGamStyle
PlayerGestureDanceHipHop PlayerGestureDanceThriller PlayerGestureDanceBelly PlayerGestureMusketKick
PlayerGestureMusketCrouch PlayerGestureInstrumentBass PlayerGestureInstrumentGuitar PlayerGestureInstrumentDrums
PlayerGestureSalute PlayerGesturePointing PlayerGestureLookingHorizon PlayerGestureMaleLayingDownPose
ExecuteSecondaryAttack PlayerGestureSaluteMusket PlayerGesturePresentArmsMusket PlayerGesturePray
PlayerGestureSurrender PlayerGesturePoint PlayerGestureWave PlayerGestureSillyDance
PlayerGestureSaluteSword PlayerGestureAttentionWave PlayerGestureDancingTwerk PlayerGestureDancingFunny
PlayerGestureSwingDancing PlayerGestureNorthernSoulFloorCombo PlayerGestureBackFlip StartBayonetAttach
StartBayonetDetach InterruptBayonetAttach InterruptBayonetDetach FinishBayonetAttach
FinishBayonetDetach PlayerGesturePanic PlayerGestureSitDown PlayerGestureCharge
PlayerGestureTauntAxe PlayerGestureTauntAxe2 WeaponUnloaded PlayerGestureCheer
StartGestureAnimation PlayerGestureRPSPaper PlayerGestureRPSRock PlayerGestureRPSScissors

Gestures require a StartGestureAnimation action beforehand.

MeleeBlockHigh, MeleeBlockLow, MeleeBlockLeft and MeleeBlockRight require a StartMeleeBlock action beforehand.

ExecuteMeleeWeaponStrike requires either a MeleeStrikeHigh, MeleeStrikeLow, MeleeStrikeLeft or MeleeStrikeRight action beforehand.


Possible intrument enums.

Instrument Useage
None None
Piano Inworld
Synth Unused
MarchingDrum By the Drummer class
Fife By the Fifer class
Violin By the Violinist class
Bagpipes By the Bagpiper class

Instrument Songs

Possible intrument songs.

Song ID Name Global (usable by any faction) Factions Available Instruments Available
1 Mozart Allegro True Piano
2 Mozart Andante Amoroso True Piano
3 Mozart Rondo Allegro True Piano
4 Beethoven Variations F Major True Piano
5 Living in the Dark True Piano
6 Bad Encounter True Piano
7 Morbid Mind True Piano
8 Wasted Wonderland True Piano
9 Adeste Fideles True Piano
10 Angels we have heard on high True Piano
11 Good kind wenceslas True Piano
12 Jingle bells True Piano
13 Double Presto False British French Violin
14 Sarabande False British French Violin
15 Tempo Di Borea False British French Violin
17 Scotland The Brave False British Fife MarchingDrum Bagpipes
19 The British Grenadiers False British MarchingDrum Fife
20 La Victoire Est A Nous False French MarchingDrum Fife
21 Rule Britannia False British MarchingDrum Fife
22 Le Chant de L'Oignon False French MarchingDrum Fife
23 Heart of Oak False British MarchingDrum Fife
24 Men Of Harlech False British MarchingDrum Fife
25 Auprès De Ma Blonde False French MarchingDrum Fife
26 Pas Cadence False French MarchingDrum Fife
27 Drum Roll True MarchingDrum
28 Spanish Ladies False British MarchingDrum Fife
29 Lillibullero False British MarchingDrum Fife
30 Over The Hills And Far Away False British MarchingDrum Fife
31 Cadet Rousselle False French MarchingDrum Fife
32 La Marseillaise False French MarchingDrum Fife
33 Trois Jeunes Tambours False French MarchingDrum Fife
34 Chant Du Depart False French MarchingDrum Fife
35 The Grenadier's Return False British MarchingDrum Fife
36 Marlbrough s'en va-t-en Guerre False French MarchingDrum Fife
37 Allemanda False British French Violin
38 Bach Double False British French Violin
39 Corrente False British French Violin
40 With a Hundred Pipers False British Bagpipes
41 War or Peace False British Bagpipes
42 The Standard on the Braes O’ Mar False British Bagpipes
43 The Point of War False British Bagpipes
44 The Garb of old Gaul False British Bagpipes
45 The Black Bear False British Bagpipes
46 Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre False British Bagpipes
47 March of the Cameron Men False British Bagpipes
48 Lochaber No More False British Bagpipes
49 Lads With the Kilt False British Bagpipes
51 Highland Laddie False British Bagpipes
52 Hey Johnnie Cope False British Bagpipes
53 Flower of Scotland False British Bagpipes
54 Cock O’ the North False British Bagpipes
55 Campbells are Coming False British Bagpipes Fife MarchingDrum
56 Cabar Feidh False British Bagpipes
57 Brose and Butter False British Bagpipes
58 Bonnie Dundee False British Bagpipes
59 Blue Bonnet False British Bagpipes
60 Battle of Waterloo False British Bagpipes
61 A Man's a Man False British Bagpipes
62 The Girl I Left Behind Me False British Fife MarchingDrum
63 Fanchon False French Fife MarchingDrum
64 Le 31 Du Mois D'Août False French Fife MarchingDrum
65 On Va Leur Percer Le Flanc False French Fife MarchingDrum
66 Althessischer Reitermarsch False Prussian Fife MarchingDrum
67 Der Dessauer False Prussian Fife MarchingDrum
68 Heil dir im Siegerkranz False Prussian Fife MarchingDrum
69 Hohenfriedberger Marsch False Prussian Fife MarchingDrum
70 Yorkscher Marsch False Prussian Fife MarchingDrum
71 Pariser Einzugsmarsch False Prussian Fife MarchingDrum
72 Lockmarsch False Prussian Fife MarchingDrum
73 Fanagoriysky False Russian Fife MarchingDrum
74 God Save the Tsar False Russian Fife MarchingDrum
75 Izmaylovsky False Russian Fife MarchingDrum
76 Let the Thunder of Victory Rumble False Russian Fife MarchingDrum
77 Preobrazhensky March False Russian Fife MarchingDrum
78 Semenovsky False Russian Fife MarchingDrum
79 Yegersky False Russian Fife MarchingDrum
80 Ah! Ça Ira False Italian Fife MarchingDrum
81 Marcia Guardia Nazionale False Italian Fife MarchingDrum
82 Marcia Guardia Consolare False Italian Fife MarchingDrum
83 Pas Redoublé False Italian Fife MarchingDrum

High Command Orders

Possible orders for Officers and Sergeants.

Officer Sergeant
OfficerFormLine SergeantFormLine
OfficerBreakRankAndFollow SergeantBreakRankAndFollow
OfficerFireAtWill SergeantFireAtWill
OfficerMakeReady SergeantMakeReady
OfficerFire SergeantFire
OfficerCeaseFire SergeantCeaseFire

Carryable Objects

Possible carryable objects.

Id Item Details
2 CannonBall
3 Lantern
4 SmallBuckShot
5 ChainShot
6 Spyglass
7 BearingFlagBritish Unused
8 BearingFlagFrench Unused
9 MarchingDrumFrench
10 MarchingDrumBritish
11 FifeBritish
12 Violin
13 Bagpipes
14 FifeFrench
15 BearingFlagPrussian Unused
16 FifePrussian
17 MarchingDrumPrussian
18 AmmoBox Should be only used with an inworld id
19 LargeBuckShot
20 RocketCarcass Unused
21 CaseRockets Unused
22 RocketAmmobox Should be only used with an inworld id
23 RocketShell
24 ExplosiveBarrel Should be only used with an inworld id
25 SwivelGun Should be only used with an inworld id
26 SmallRocketShell
27 MarchingDrumRussian
28 FifeRussian
29 BearingFlagRussian Unused
30 FifeItalian
31 MarchingDrumItalian
32 BearingFlagItalian Unused
33 MachineGunAmmo Loadable machine gun ammo
34 MachineGunAmmoBox Machine gun ammo crate
35 Binoculars

Naval Specific Enums

Ship Type

Defines a ship's type.

Command Input Description
Frigate50gun 50-Gun Frigate
Brigsloop13gun 13-Gun Brig-Sloop
Schooner8gun 8-Gun Schooner
Schooner2gun 2-Gun Schooner
Rocketboat Rocketboat
Gunboat Gunboat

Ship Name

Defines a ship's name.


50-Gun Frigates
(0) HMS Superb (1) HMS Brave (2) HMS Thames (3) HMS Wolfe (4) HMS Argo
(5) HMS Leander (6) HMS Renown (7) HMS Adamant (8) HMS Ambuscade (9) HMS Maidstone
(10) HMS Spartan (11) HMS Justinian (12) HMS Indefatigable (13) HMS Surprise
13-Gun Sloops
(0) HMS Sphinx (1) HMS Camilla (2) HMS Daphne (3) HMS Ariadne (4) HMS Perseus
(5) HMS Narcissus (6) HMS Porcupine (7) HMS Eurydice (8) HMS Hyaena (9) HMS Champion
(10) HMS Myrmidon (11) HMS Squirrel (12) HMS Crocodile (13) HMS Cossack (14) HMS Cyane
(15) HMS Banterer (16) HMS Boreas (17) HMS Laurel (18) HMS Comus (19) HMS Garland
(20) HMS Perseus (21) HMS Volage (22) HMS Hermes (23) HMS Myrmidon (24) HMS Seagull
(25) HMS Neptune (26) HMS Dart (27) HMS Beaver (28) HMS Mutine (29) HMS Saint Lucia
(30) HMS Peterel
8-Gun & 2-Gun Schooners
(0) HMS Pickle (1) HMS Pictou (2) HMS Whiting (3) HMS Charlotte (4) HMS Musquito
(5) HMS Crafty (6) HMS Alban (7) HMS Lord Nelson (8) HMS Ballahoo (9) HMS Landrail
(10) HMS Barracouta (11) HMS Capelin (12) HMS Kingfish (13) HMS Grouper (14) HMS Haddock
(15) HMS Herring (16) HMS Mackerel (17) HMS Pike (18) HMS Pilchard (19) HMS Snapper
(20) HMS Bream (21) HMS Chub (22) HMS Cuttle (23) HMS Porgey (24) HMS Mullett
(25) HMS Tang (26) HMS Cuckoo (27) HMS Magpie (28) HMS Jackdaw (29) HMS Landrail
(40) HMS Woodcock (41) HMS Wagtail (42) HMS Crane (43) HMS Quail (44) HMS Pigeon
(45) HMS Rook (46) HMS Widgeon (47) HMS Sealark (48) HMS Malta (49) HMS Gozo
Rocket & Gunboats
(0) HMB Aimwell (1) HMB Pelter (2) HMB Borer (3) HMB Plumper (4) HMB Teazer
(5) HMB Tickler (6) HMB Swinger (7) HMB Force (8) HMB Piercer (9) HMB Attack
(10) HMB Fearless (11) HMB Conquest (12) HMB Assault (13) HMB Acute (14) HMB Sparkler
(15) HMB Bouncer (16) HMB Boxer (17) HMB Biter (18) HMB Bruiser (19) HMB Blazer
(20) HMB Cracker (21) HMB Clinker (22) HMB Crash (23) HMB Contest (24) HMB Adder
(25) HMB Spiteful (26) HMB Steady (27) HMB Courser (28) HMB Defender (29) HMB Eclipse
(40) HMB Furious (41) HMB Flamer (42) HMB Furnace (43) HMB Growler (44) HMB Griper
(45) HMB Grappler (46) HMB Galiant (47) HMB Hardy (48) HMB Haughty (49) HMB Hecate
(50) HMB Hasty (51) HMB Tigress (52) HMB Meteor (53) HMB Mastiff (54) HMB Minx
(55) HMB Manly (56) HMB Pouncer (57) HMB Wrangler (58) HMB Rattler (59) HMB Ready
(55) HMB Safeguard (56) HMB Staunch (57) HMB Janissary (58) HMB Cody


50-Gun Frigates
(0) Annibal (1) Intrépide (2) Pomone (3) Incorruptible (4) Formidable
(5) Tamise (6) Scipion (7) Mont-Blanc (8) Achille (9) Andromaque
(10) Résolue (11) Réunion (12) Néréide (13) Diane (14) La Proserpine
(15) Acheron
13-Gun Sloops
(0) Falcon (1) Cheveret (2) Espiègle (3) Le Venguer (4) Atalante
(5) Fortune (6) Modeste (7) Henriette (8) Brutus (9) Lacédémonienne
(10) Aventurier (11) Anacréon (12) Salamine (13) Affronteur (14) Papillon
(15) Cerf (16) Déterminée (17) Bonaparte (18) Carlotta (19) Ligurienne
(20) Furet (21) Argus (22) Vendicare (23) Aréthuse (24) Bayonnaise
(25) Berceau (26) Diligente (27) Teulié (28) Sardine (29) Mignonne
(30) Mercure (31) Lodi (32) Iéna (33) Oreste
8-Gun & 2-Gun Schooners
(0) Chandenque (1) Venus (2) Trompeuse (3) Hunter (4) Emilie
(5) Magicienne (6) Renard (7) Byoneuse (8) Floretta (9) Deux Amis
(10) Enfant Prodigue
Rocket & Gunboats
(0) St. Roche (1) Vésuve (2) Cruelle (3) Duguay-Trouin (4) Génie
(5) Marie-Rose (6) Deux Frères (7) Tartane (8) Patronne (9) Esperance
(10) L'Anglais (11) Triton (12) St. François

Sapper/Engineer Specific Enums

Emplacement Type

Define the type of emplacement.

Nations at War Sapper structures
Command Input Description
InfantryStakes Infantry Stakes
Gabion Gabion
ChevauxDeFriseLarge Chevaux De Frise (L)
ChevauxDeFriseSmall Chevaux De Frise (S)
ExplosiveBarrel Explosive Barrel
Palisade Palisade
ShootingPlatform Palisade Platform
Chair Chair
Table Table
Earthworks Earthworks
Sandbag Sandbag
SwivelGun Swivel Gun
Ammobox Ammobox
FirearmAmmobox Firearm Ammobox
RocketStack Rocket Stack
Snowman Snowman
Frontlines Engineer structures
Command Input Description
Table Table
MachineGunAllied Vickers MG
MachineGunCentral Maschinengewehr 08 MG
MachineGunAmmobox MG Ammo
HowitzerAmmobox Howitzer Ammobox
HeavyMortarAmmobox Heavy Mortar Ammobox
BarbedWire Barbed Wire
Hedgehog Hedgehog
Sandbags Sandbags
Cello Cello
Snowman Snowman
FrontlinesChair Chair

Sapper Build Mode

Define the current player's build mode.

Command Input Description
HammerConstructMode Hammer Construct Mode, used while the player has the small hammer in his hand
HammerDeconstructMode Hammer Deconstruct Mode, used while the player has the big hammer in his hand
SpadeConstructMode Spade Construct Mode, used while the player has the spade in his hand
SpadeDeconstructMode Spade Deconstruct Mode, used while the player has the spade in his hand