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flag_gb: | :BritishLineInfantry: | The Royal Redcoat Brigade | :BritishLineInfantry: | :flag_gb:

Searching for a whole new experience in Holdfast? Maybe a bonkers group of lads to hang out with? Well either way, we’ve got you covered! The TRRB attend regular events in holdfast and are an active part of the community. We are proud to offer our members a unique experience few can match. Rank structure, linebattles, trainings and an active gaming community are all perks of being a TRRB member!

Here are just a few reason why you should join us today!

one: We are one of the oldest, biggest and most active regiments in Holdfast!
two: We hold the record for the largest turn-out to a linebattle (x125) and we are proud of that!
three: We get an average attendance of 50+ men per event, offering 10 events per week, both EU and NA.
four: We play a variety of games, so you will never be bored!
five: We offer 50 ranks and 6 Companies!
BritishGrenadier: | The humble line infantry
BritishLightInfantry: | The crack shot lights
BritishGuard: | The artillery detachment
BritishFlagBearer: | Even a cavalry company!

Looking to join then lad? Click this link then