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Will server queues be added to Holdfast?

"Allocating R&D on that specific feature [server queues] for the release to follow after this one [2.16]. As simple as it may sound, its a rather involving feature that will require a backend redesign for some of the game's networking.

No promises but we'll do our best to make it happen."

-Refleax (Game Director) Mar. 2024

Will additional factions be added to the game (after Austria)?

"We don't have any plans to introduce additional factions in 2023 since it doesn't fit our strategy well for the year. Beyond that however, we will definitely not exclude bringing additional factions in!"

-Refleax (Game Director) Feb. 2023

Will Dutch Canals [NaW map] be brought back?

"There are no plans to bring back the old Dutch canals. What do people love from it conceptually? We can reinvision that in another design."

-Refleax (Game Director) Apr. 2024

Will Port Nile [NaW map] be brought back?

Yes, Harper teased it in the game's discord. "On a scale of 1 to Port Nile how excited are you to have Port Nile return ?" When it'll be reintroduced is unknown, but believed to be Soon™.

Port Nile has been reintroduced as of game version 2.19

Will Naval be updated?

Further development regarding naval has not been confirmed by AGS. They have recently allowed "Le Merc's Pirate Fleet" [an in-game regiment] to operate 2 featured servers in place of the previous official naval servers. More info can be found here:

Will additional Cavalry classes (i.e Lancers) be introduced?

Further development regarding cavalry has not been confirmed by AGS.

Who makes up the Anvil Game Studios team and what are their roles?

Refleax (Game Director), Walki (Producer), Rycon (Art Director), Dreas (Senior Game Dev.), Harper (Media Specialist & Game Dev), Grandayy (Game Dev), Rejenorst (Game Dev), Matt (Game Dev), Gest (Game Dev), Storey (3D Artist), UberJuice (3D Artist), Stan (Level Designer), Charles (Level Designer), Jackson (Character Designer) and of course, Winston (Mascot & Feline).

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