Server Configuration Enums

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Player Properties Enums


Defines a type of player class.

Command Input Result
ArmyInfantryOfficer Infantry Officer
ArmyLineInfantry Line Infantry
ArmyLineInfantry2 Line Infantry 92nd, Vistula or Freikorps
Grenadier Grenadier
Guard Guard
LightInfantry Light Infantry
Rifleman Rifleman
FlagBearer Flag Bearer
Drummer Drummer
Fifer Fifer
Bagpiper Bagpiper (Only available for the British Empire)
Surgeon Surgeon
Sapper Sapper
Cannoneer Cannoneer
Rocketeer Rocketeer (Only available for the British Empire)
NavalCaptain Captain
NavalMarine Marine
NavalSailor Sailor
NavalSailor2 Adept Sailor
Carpenter Carpenter
CoastGuard Coast Guard
Customs Customs
Violinist Violinist


Defines a player weapon.

Command Input Resulting Weapon
Unarmed Fists
Musket_SeaServiceBrownBess Musket
Musket_CharlevilleMarinePatternANIX Musket
Musket_IndiaPatternBrownBess Musket
Musket_CharlevilleIXXII Musket
Musket_NewLandPatternBrownBess Musket
Musket_CharlevilleGuardPattern Musket
Musket_NewLandLightInfantryPatternBrownBess Musket
Musket_CharlevilleDragoonPattern Musket
Carbine_Elliot Carbine
Carbine_CharlevilleCavalryIXXIII Carbine
Rifle_Pattern1800Infantry Rifle (Baker Rifle)
Rifle_CharlevilleDragoonPattern_NoBayonet Rifle
Pistol_SeaService Pistol
Pistol_XIII Pistol
Pistol_NewLandPattern Pistol
Blunderbuss_Variation1 Blunderbuss
Blunderbuss_Variation2 Blunderbuss
Axe2H_Variation1 2H Axe
Axe2H_Variation2 2H Axe
Carpenter_Adze 1H Axe
Carpenter_Axe 1H Axe
Sword_Pattern1803FlankOfficer Sword
Sabre_AnXILight Sword
Sabre_1715Pattern Sword
Sabre_1796PatternLight Sword
Sword_Bayonet Sword
Sabre_Briquet Sword
Hanger_Variation1 Hanger
Hanger_Variation2 Hanger
Cutlass_1804PatternNaval Cutlass
Cutlass_YearIXBoardingSabre Cutlass
Dagger_Variation1 Dagger
Dagger_Variation2 Dagger
Knife_Variation1 Knife
Knife_Variation2 Knife
BoardingPike_Variation1 Boarding Pike
BoardingPike_Variation2 Boarding Pike
CannonRamRod Cannon's Ram Rod
DeconstructingHammer Sledge Hammer
ConstructingHammer Hammer
DiggingSpade Spade
BearingFlagBritish British Flag
BearingFlagFrench French Flag
BearingFlagPrussian Prussian Flag


Handheld weapons that go boom.

Command Input Result
Unarmed (Ammoboxes Only) General Ammobox which replenishes ammunition for all firearms
Pistol Pistol
Blunderbuss Blunderbuss
Musket Musket
BakerRifle Baker Rifle (A non-bayonetted Charleville musket model represents the French and Prussian rifle)


Defines a game faction.

Command Input Resulting Faction
British British Empire
French French Empire
Prussian Kingdom of Prussia

Attacking Or Defending

Define if the command should apply for the attacking or defending factions.

Command Input Result
Attacking The attacking faction
Defending The defending faction

Voice Phrases

Voice phrases that can be used (normally for bot commands).

AbandonShip  LeftBroadsideFire  RepairBoat  TakeAim  OpenGunports 
AimHigher  LightLanterns  RepairShip  TakeHelm  PrepareCombat 
AimLower  LoadCanisterShot  RepelBoarders  TakeHer  PresentArms 
AimRockets  LoadCarcassRocket  Retreat  Taunt  FixBayonet 
BailShip  LoadCaseRocket  RetrieveBoats  Thanks  FullPort 
BelayOrder  LoadChainShot  RightBroadsideFire  VesselSighted  FullStarboard 
CeaseFire  LoadHotShot  RunOutGuns  WeighAnchor  GetDown 
Charge  LoadRocket  Salute  WetSail  GoodShot 
Cheer  LoadRoundShot  SecondRankFire  YesSir  HalfPort 
CloseGunports  LoadShot  SectionsFire  Warcry  HalfStarboard 
Compliment  LowerGuns  ShortenSail  Duel  HeaveTheLead 
Disguise  LowerRockets  ShoulderArms  PrimeLoad  Help 
DouseLanterns  MakeReady  SightGuns  PutOutFires  HoistColors 
DropAnchor  MakeSail  StandGround  QuarterPort  Insult 
EnemyVesselSighted  Medic  StayCalm  QuarterStarboard  LaunchBoats 
Fire  Mutiny  StrikeColors  RaiseGuns  ReadyGuns 
FireAtWill  NoShouts  Surrender  RaiseRockets  RemoveBayonet 
FirstRankFire  NoSir  Swivel  RamShot  PatrioticCheer 

Spawnable Objects Enums


Command Input Object Description
SwivelGun Swivel Gun
CannonFieldGun9Pdr 9-Pdr Field Gun
CannonFieldGun9PDRMoveable Moveable 9-Pdr Field Gun
Cannon4PDR 4-Pdr Long Gun
Cannon6PDR 6-Pdr Long Gun
Mortar Mortar
Rocket Rocket Launcher
CannonAmmoboxSmall Ammobox For Round Shot & Grape Shot (S)
CannonAmmoboxSmallMoveable Moveable Ammobox For Round Shot & Grape Shot (S)
CannonAmmoboxLarge Ammobox For Round Shot & Grape Shot (L)
CannonAmmoboxLargeMoveable Moveable Ammobox For Round Shot & Grape Shot (L)
RocketAmmoboxMoveable Moveable Stack For Rockets


Command Input Object Description
Chair1 Chair
Chair2 Chair
Chair3 Chair
Chair4 Chair
Bench Bench
Lantern1 Lantern
Lantern2 Lantern
LanternHanging Hanging Lantern
Piano1 Piano
Piano2 Piano
Outhouse Outhouse
TentSmall1 Small Tent
TentSmall2 Small Tent
TentSmall3 Small Tent
TentLarge1 Large Tent
TentLarge2 Large Tent
Campfire Campfire
InfantrySpikes Infantry Stakes
Sandbags Sandbags
Gabion Gabion
ChevauxDeFriseLarge Chevaux De Frise (L)
ChevauxDeFriseSmall Chevaux De Frise (S)
LadderShort Short Ladder
LadderLong Long Ladder
FlagBritish Non-Capturable British Flag
FlagFrench Non-Capturable French Flag
FlagPrussian Non-Capturable Prussian Flag
PalisadeSimple Palisade Wall
PalisadeShootHole Palisade Wall With Shooting Hole
PalisadeGate Palisade Gate
PlatformLong Long Platform
PlatformShort Short Platform
TargetDummy Train Shooting At A Distance
ShipCollision Ships Collide With This
ShipRamp A Ramp For Ships


Command Input Object Description
Lanternbox Box Filled With Lanterns
LanternboxMoveable Non-Moveable Box Filled With Lanterns
Spyglassbox Box Filled With Spyglasses
SpyglassboxMoveable Non-Moveable Box Filed With Spyglasses

Naval Specific Enums

Ship Type

Defines a ship's type.

Command Input Description
Frigate50gun 50-Gun Frigate
Brigsloop13gun 13-Gun Brig-Sloop
Schooner8gun 8-Gun Schooner
Schooner2gun 2-Gun Schooner
Rocketboat Rocketboat
Gunboat Gunboat

Sapper Specific Enums

Emplacement Type

Define the type of emplacement.

Command Input Description
InfantryStakes Infantry Stakes
Gabion Gabion
ChevauxDeFriseLarge Chevaux De Frise (L)
ChevauxDeFriseSmall Chevaux De Frise (S)
ExplosiveBarrel Explosive Barrel
Palisade Palisade
ShootingPlatform Palisade Platform
Chair Chair
Earthworks Earthworks
Sandbag Sandbag
SwivelGun Swivel Gun
Ammobox Ammobox
RocketStack Rocket Stack