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Override Commands For Roleplay Scenarios

Server administrators are able to create and customise their own roleplay scenarios through various server-side configuration settings. Override commands can be used to create a unique experience that is not limited by the usual confines of Holdfast: NaW’s original gameplay design.

Configure limits for classes, define the allowed spawn-able classes per spawn point, select the equipment they spawn with, equip weapons from racks, replenish ammunition, spawn various props, interactable objects and artillery pieces per map rotation and more.

Here’s how you can make use of override commands and any other related commands that can prove useful to help you get started or create your own scenarios.

Class Spawn Override On Land Spawn Points

Spawn override commands provide administrators with the ability to define which classes to spawn on which spawn location and their limitations as well. By using the following override, you can also have classes that are only playable on naval and coastal scenarios be present on army-based game modes.

For example these commands will give 1 team 200 of the carpenter class and the other team 200 Rifleman.

spawn_override A Carpenter 200

spawn_override B Rifleman 200

Tahir Desert Army Battlefield 200 Carpenters vs 200 Rifleman

To use this command for yourself it must be added after !map_rotation start and before !map_rotation end in the following format...

spawn_override <Spawn Point> <Class> <Class Limit>

Spawn Point correlates to the spawn present in the spawn menu for instance Barricade (A) on Spanish Farm. Values are defined as letters for <Spawn Point> A B C D E F G H etc...

Class The name of the class you want to spawn <Class> =

Command Input Result
ArmyInfantryOfficer Infantry Officer
ArmyLineInfantry Line Infantry
ArmyLineInfantry2 Line Infantry 92nd, Vistula or Friekorps
Grenadier Grenadier
Guard Guard
LightInfantry Light Infantry
Rifleman Rifleman
FlagBearer Flag Bearer
Drummer Drummer
Fifer Fifer
Bagpiper Bagpiper (Only available for the British Empire)
Surgeon Surgeon
Carpenter Carpenter
Cannoneer Cannoneer
Rocketeer Rocketeer (Only available for the British Empire)
NavalCaptain Captain
NavalMarine Marine
NavalSailor Sailor
NavalSailor2 Adept Sailor
CoastGuard Coast Guard
Customs Customs
Violinist Violinist

Class Limit

<Class Limit> is defined as a numerical value between 1 and 999

Starting Weapons Override Make use of the following override command to define the weapons each and every class for a particular faction spawn with. Due to the introduction of weapon racks that allow players to equip weapons irrespective of their class, a particular class can now spawn with multiple different firearm or melee weapon types.

To use this command for yourself it must be added after !map_rotation start and before !map_rotation end in the following format...

starting_weapons_override <Faction> <Class> <Maximum Firearm Weapons> <Maximum Melee Weapons> <Weapon Slot 1> <Weapon Slot 2> <Weapon Slot Etc.>


<Faction> The Faction of the Class you wish to edit

Command Input Resulting Faction
british British Empire
french French Empire
prussian Kingdom of Prussia