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** Should you find yourself in a pickle, firmly hold the '''[F]''' key and pull on your horse’s reins. This will rear the horse and bring it to a complete halt.
** Should you find yourself in a pickle, firmly hold the '''[F]''' key and pull on your horse’s reins. This will rear the horse and bring it to a complete halt.
==== Cavalry Movement Gallery ====
==== Cavalry Movement GIFs Gallery ====
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{| class="cav-riding-table"

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Learn the basic art of mounting, dismounting, putting your steed on the gallop, firing from horseback and various other aspects related to combat. Once you learned how the basics, master the art of horseback riding as those brave gentlemen once did. You’ll have a much easier time doing so should you give a quick read to what’s going to follow.

A British Dragoon and his faithful steed.

Riding On Horseback

Let’s get to the riding now, shall we? Hussars, Cuirassier and Dragoons all spawn readily mounted. Once you’ve had your pick at one of these classes, you’ll find yourself on horseback. It is not a simple feat to handle these beasts but you’ll get used to their ins and outs as you go by. Practice makes perfect.

Cavalry Controls

  • Forward: [W]
    • Holding the [W] key will take the horse from one gait to the other gradually building up its momentum. An indicator to the left of your steed’s health bar will reflect the pace at which the horse is moving.
  • Full Gallop: [Shift]
    • Pressing the [Shift] key once your steed reaches a full gallop, will take it into a sprint further increasing the speed at which it travels. While the horse is at a sprint, your movement on horseback will be limited as you grab tightly of its reins. Tread carefully as this can place you at a disadvantage when engaged in battle since you can only strike forward and cannot make use of your firearm.
  • Left & Right: [A] and [D]
    • Should you need to make a turn, press the [A] key to go left and the [D] key to head right.
  • Strafe: [Z]
    • Horses travelling at a slower gait can alternatively toggle and go into strafe mode by hitting the [Z] key.
    • Your steed will consequently move to the left or to the right at the press of the [A] or [D] keys. You’ll find no excuse to neatly dress the gaps and keep in formation. A regiment must uphold its reputation.
  • Slowing down & Moving Backwards: [S]
    • Slowing down is at times key to ensure your survival. You can do so by pressing the [S] key. Should this key be held long enough, your steed will start moving backwards at a slow pace.
  • Slow Stop: [Ctrl]
    • Holding the [Ctrl] key will similarly reduce the horse’s speed. There’s one key difference however, your horse will not go backwards after it reaches its lowest speed and instead come to a halt.
  • Jump: [Space]
    • Make your way over smaller defensive emplacements and fences by jumping with your steed while on horseback. Carefully time your jump and press the [Space] key at the right moment.
  • Halting the Horse: [F]
    • Should you find yourself in a pickle, firmly hold the [F] key and pull on your horse’s reins. This will rear the horse and bring it to a complete halt.

Cavalry Movement GIFs Gallery

Building momentum
Full gallop
Making a turn(s)
Building momentum
Slowing & back pacing
Slowing & halting
Steed jumping


Go for a swim all the while remaining mounted. Controls here remain as usual but you are unable to engage in combat.

Steed swimming

Useful Steering

About Face: [S] + [Space]

  1. Hold the [S] key long enough for your steed to start moving backwards at a slow pace.
  2. Once your steed is moving back, hit [Space]. Your speed will do a complete 180o turn (front -> back). This is useful for making escapes or re-positioning in a swift manner.

Mounting & Dismounting

There are times where staying on horseback becomes determinantal, hence all cavalrymen are able to mount and dismount at will. Note that cavalrymen aren't the only ones that have ability to ride horses. The Infantry Officers are able to mount onto any horses who are without its rider. Instructed to fall in line? You can dismount from horseback by pressing the [E] key while your horse is going at the slower gaits. Keep your steed at a safe distance as you never know when the need arises to climb on horseback once more. Press the [E] key while looking at your horse, mount and get going. Riders that have met an unfortunate end will leave their horse ownerless. Should you find yourself dismounted, try to mount another.

Control & Notes

  • Mount & Dismount: [E] - Any classes with the Horseback Riding ability can mount themselves on any steed without their rider by pressing [E].
** Note: You will be forcefully dismounted if your steed makes contact with an certain defence structures such as the Chaveux De Frise (S)!

Mounted Combat

Cavalrymen possesses high mobility, swiftness, and lethality. Whether its with a sword or firearm, the cavalry brings swift and sudden death to the battlefield. Each cavalry class brings their own specialty to the battlefield. Cuirassiers and Dragoons are skilled with carbines, firearms with a shorter range than your average musket, while Hussars are quicker and proficient in melee. This section will go over the very basics of mounted combat for those classes.

Mounted Swordsmanship

If you favour the Hussar class, you’ll find yourself engaged in combat up close and personal more so than often. Equip your Sword by scrolling to the relevant weapon or pressing the [3] key, move your mouse to your desired strike direction and stab or slash away at the enemy. If you have yet to release your strike, you can cancel and switch to another by holding the [Right Click] mouse button.

Equipping your sword: [3] or [Mouse Scroll Wheel]

  • You can equip your sword by scrolling with your mouse wheel or quickly equipping it by pressing [3].

Cancel/Switch Attack: [Right Click]

  • You can cancel and readjust your striking angle by pressing [Right Click].
** Note: You cannot block with your sword in a traditional way if you're on horseback.
Mounted Swordsmanship

Mounted Marksmanship

Carbineers make use of their firearm on horseback as you would whilst playing an infantryman. Hold [Right Click] to aim, press [Left Click] to fire then [R] reload. The speed at which you travel on horseback will be restricted to the slower gaits whilst reloading.

Aiming, Firing, & Reloading: There is no difference in how the cavalry class aim, fire, and reload.

  1. Aiming - [Right Click]
  2. Fire! - [Left Click]
  3. Reloading - [R]
** Note: Mounted or not, you will still be restricted to a slow gait/walk while reloading.
Mounted Marksmanship
Reloading on horseback

Trampling Infantryman

Horses are mighty beasts! Blocking their path is of little to no use and you’ll find yourself injured or killed in the process. Horses travelling at a faster gait will deal greater damage to those unfortunate infantrymen. Should you be enough in good favour to remain alive after the fact, you will no longer have your weapon equipped. Wait a short while to come to your senses after the knockback and equip your weapon using the scroll wheel or number keys.


  • Trampling over infantry will slow the speed of your horse.
  • Players trampled will have their weapons unequipped. They will have to wait for a brief moment to equip their weapon again using the number keys or mouse scroll wheel.
Trampling an infantryman