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Faction Coalitions

  • Allies consisting as British, French, Australian and American.
  • Central powers consisting as Germans.

New Classes

  • Infantry Officer
    • Revolver
    • Sword
    • Smoke grenades
    • Officer commands
    • Spawn camps
    • Abilities
      • High Command - An officer in command. You are able to issue orders to the rank and file.
    • Traits
      • Distinguishable - Stand out from the rank and file. You appear differently on the minimap.
      • Resilient- A strong sense of duty. Melee damage dealt to you by other players is reduced by 15%.
      • Light Footed - Agile and equipped with a great understanding of the surrounding terrain. You are able to quickly move about increasing your running speed by 7%.
  • Rifleman
    • Rifle
    • Bayonet
    • HE grenades
    • Abilities
      • Rank & File - Drills, drills and more drills. Your extensive discipline allows you to receive firearm accuracy and melee damage bonuses from orders given by officers.
      • Guardsman - Duty bound to guard the high-command. You reduce the damage dealt to nearby allied officers and medics by 8% (Stacks 8 times).
      • Bayonet Handling - Drilled in the handling of bayonets. Charge with a bayonet equipped and make use of your trusty rifle as a makeshift spear in melee combat or detach it from your weapon to gather a 5% increase in firearm accuracy.
    • Traits
      • Orderly - Strength in numbers. You significantly increase your chances of surviving shots from firearms at longer distances when engaged in combat as a group. Following an officer’s order to hold ground will activate this trait.
  • Medic
    • Rifle
    • Trench club
    • Smoke grenades
    • Abilities
      • Medicine - Well versed in the field of medicine. You are able to heal wounded players.
      • Bandage - Duty bound to guard the high-command. You reduce the damage dealt to nearby allied officers and surgeons.
    • Traits
      • Distinguishable - Stand out from the rank and file. You appear differently on the mini-map.
  • Engineer
    • Rifle
    • Hand shovel
    • Abilities
      • Engineering - Well versed in the construction of military works. You are able to enact various defensive emplacements and artillery.
      • Explosives Handling - Well versed in the handling of explosives. You are able to carry explosives.
    • Traits
      • Distinguishable - Stand out from the rank and file. You appear differently on the mini-map.
  • Artilleryman
    • Revolver
    • Knife
    • Abilities
      • Artillery Operator - Trained in the operation of various artillery pieces. You have sole ownership over the use of howitzers, mortars and other artillery.
      • Grants the ability to see where your mortar shells land as well as a range indicator to fire shells with great precision.
    • Traits
      • Light Footed - Agile and equipped with a great understanding of the surrounding terrain. You are able to quickly move about increasing your running speed.

Artillery Pieces

  • Light Howitzers
    • Moveable
    • Short reload time
    • Less explosion spread
    • Less building damage
  • Heavy Howitzers
    • Moveable
    • Long load time
    • High explosion spread
    • High building damage
  • Fixed Heavy Mortars
    • Stationary
    • No recoil
  • Heavy Mortars
    • Moveable
    • Recoils

Machine Guns

  • Allied Vickers machine gun
  • Central Maschinengewehr 08
  • Hold right click to zoom
  • Must load with MG ammunition
  • Buildable by Engineers


  • Grenades can be used to break deadlocks with well dug in enemies
  • Provide smoke screens against machine gun fire
  • Aim a grenade by holding the ‘Left Mouse’ button then release it to throw.
  • Quick throws are also a possibility and can be achieved by tapping the ‘Left Mouse’ button rather than holding it.


  • With a level of accuracy never reached before, the introduction of rifles changed how wars were fought forever. Their faster firing rate, reload times and compact size make the muskets of the Napoleonic Era feel futile in comparison.
  • Those who are skilled marksmen will be able to eliminate enemies instantly by a headshot kill, dropping the enemy where they stand and ringing out a ‘ding’ that will surely send shivers down the spines of anyone close by.
  • 1 hit headshot at any range, against any class.
  • The infantry class’s rifles specifically come with detachable bayonets that players can swap to and engage in close melee combat should the enemy breach their defences.

Squad Camps

  • These camps are placed by Officers and can be spawned on unlimited amounts of times by their squad members.
  • Should you find an enemy encampment, quickly destroy it using explosive grenades or shooting at it with your firearm to push that squad back to their team’s HQ.

Roleplay Features

  • Play rock, paper, scissors with your fellow trench-men
  • Take a snooze on a bed while others bravely fight on (Sleeping will heal the player)
  • Play classical musical instruments such as the new cello
  • Surrender to your enemies
  • Cheer with your rifle
  • Ladders, press E to interact and climb over the trench walls.
  • Bring music to all with the Gramophone.
  • Faction flags. Able to be carried while equipped with one handed weapons such as swords, knives, clubs and revolvers.
  • Trench whistle for officers. Press J to use while standing still.
  • New piano songs.


  • The good majority of structures in Frontlines can be brought down to its foundations by artillery.


  • Freurlund
    • Set in and around a recently abandoned rail-yard within steep snowy mountains, Freurlund pushes players to their limits, battling not only the enemy but also the harsh environment it features. Men can find solace from the steeps down in the rail-yard, the central point of the map, but only for some time, as it will soon turn to a war-torn battlefield as players fight over the capture point and control of a usable locomotive train to shunt troops to and from your HQ to the front.
  • Marre
    • Once a prosperous town and industrial powerhouse, Marre has been reduced to ruins and has had its land carved out by lines upon lines of boggy trenches. Featuring a central capture point atop a hill, players will battle it out for control of this great vantage point and its surroundings.
  • Mansion
    • Battle over a bespoke mansion set on the coastlines of France. Mansion brings close quarters combat to a whole new level, once inside the mansion players must navigate through it’s narrow hallways and passages to battle within the great hall and capture this important position. Those who may find themselves claustrophobic may prefer to focus their efforts on the town and railway station that overlooks the mansion. Both positions are equally as important to ensuring victory.
  • Countryside
    • A small countryside village that once sat quietly beside its flowing river. This smaller battlefield offers little respite from the war and will quickly throw you into intense small scale combat against your foes. Utilising cover to your full advantage is key for victory on Countryside.
  • St. Peter's
    • A small town featuring a church and small trench line in the middle of the house courtyard.
  • Foxhole
    • Two opposing trench lines overlook a derelict town within a valley surrounded by barbed wire, mortar craters and bodies. Artillery barrages have left this land for ruin so watch your step and stay alert, you never know what or who is lurking in the rubble.
  • Wasteland
    • There is only trench and no mans land. Death is but certain.


  • Offensive is a new domination inspired gamemode that requires teams to capture points linearly to progress through the battlefield. IE. You must capture A and B before moving on to C. A ‘tug-of-war’ ensues as both teams converge to capture the same point or multiple pronged locations
  • Each team will start at an initial Headquarters that is uncapturable and must then head towards neutral capture points sequentially, eventually meeting the enemy in the middle to begin the ‘tug-of-war’.
  • Should a faction manage to capture all points on the map, they will find themselves the victor through ‘Domination’. Giving those that are on the brink of loss through ‘Domination’ with a fighting chance for a glorious comeback, a 120 second timer will count down before a win is declared through domination unless the team is able to capture back a minimum of 1 capture point.

  • Support the devs with the American forces DLC!
  • Featuring the brave fellows of the 103rd Infantry Regiment (2nd Maine)
  • Rifleman and Officer class for allied coalition.
  • Rifleman equipped with M1903 Springfield Rifle

Graphical Remaster

  • Improved graphical fidelity and new weather presets.
    • New weather presets such as snowstorms, sandstorms, various calm presets and many more
  • Changing the over 50+ maps

Server playercount limit

  • 250 Player Event Battles
    • Event and community servers can now support up to 250 players per server! While this player count will not be reflected on official servers, as it remains important to keep gameplay and performance as consistent as possible, those who own their own servers will now be able to accept 250 players onto their servers running the Nations At War game type.