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Holdfast SDK V1. Modding Tools

  • Level Editor. Supporting all existing game modes on both land and sea, the map editor provides creators with a featureful set of tools to design and create maps.
» Over 1400 props to design maps with. Structures, flora, artillery, musical instruments, doors and many more.
» The ability to implement your own set of props and bring them into the game.
» The ability to customise your own terrain.
» The ability to designate custom props as destructible.
» Several tools to facilitate the creation of maps. This includes a function allowing creators to spawn with a player and move around on custom maps directly within the Unity editor saving precious time.
» The ability to upload modifications to the Steam Workshop directly through the SDK.
  • Modular Siege Props. A new modular set of destructible siege walls, pillars, cannon emplacements, gatehouses, side entrances and shooting platforms varying in both style and size.
» Used correctly they will make for some delightfully immersive siege battles!
  • Uniform & Flag Editor. Create your very own uniform variations for the existing classes present in Holdfast: Nations At War. This new functionality also allows you to sport your own regimental flag during Linebattle play.
» In support of this addition, you will no longer see twice the Line Infantryman classes in the spawn menu. Cycle then select the second variant of this class using the arrow buttons instead.
» The game will remember your last uniform selection variant.
» Creators wishing to modify uniforms must be familiar with 3DS Max.
  • Steam Workshop Integration. Holdfast SDK is fully streamlined and integrated with Steam’s Workshop making the content you create very easily accessible.
» Combined with a two-click system allowing players to easily subscribe to, update or install modifications prior to joining their desired server.
  • Custom Scenarios & Game Objectives. You will now find a new interactable object that will declare a faction the victor if interacted with. This can be spawned directly through the server configuration file or within the SDK.
» Steal intelligence, breakthrough jail in the name of liberty or have the player find their way through trap-ridden fields - It’s up to you to make of it what you will.
» Refer to our Wiki for instructions on how to make use of this new interactable object.
  • Multiple modifications can be loaded and specified per map rotation opening up a whole new spectrum for customisable server experiences.
» Input the following command in the server configuration file to install a mod on your game server. This will also prompt the player to download or update the required modifications prior to joining the server:
» mods_installed <Mod Workshop ID>
» Input the following command in the server configuration file per map rotation to load a modification. You can load multiple modifications but only one map per rotation:
» load_mod <Mod Workshop ID>
» Input the following command in the server configuration file per map rotation to define that a map is to be loaded from a modification:
» map_name modmap
» You can define the file path prior to launching the server by inputting the command below.
» -workshopDataPath “MyPath"

Server Administration

  • The ‘ArmyLineInfantry2’ class enum is now obsolete and should be removed from the server configuration file.
  • The ‘BearingFlagRussian, BearingFlagBritish, BearingFlagFrench & BearingFlagPrussian’ weapon enums are now obsolete and should be removed from the server configuration file. You should use ‘BearingFlag’ instead to equip a class other than the Flagbearer with a flag through the server configuration file.

Quality of Life

  • You can manage the modifications you are subscribed to through the game’s settings.
  • You can access the Steam Workshop directly through the game’s main menu.
  • Introduced an additional function in the server browser allowing players to filter by modded servers.

Bug Fixes

  • Solved an instance which caused certain local 3D VoIP mutes to no longer persists between round.
  • Solved an instance which caused players to get stuck on map load when switching between the Coastal Siege and Naval Assault game modes.
  • Solved an issue which caused particle effects for when a firearm trajectory hits an object not to show.
  • Solved an issue which caused melee indicators to incorrectly show when wielding a flag or a ramrod.
  • Custom Map Land now shows as ‘Flat Plains 1 (L)’ instead of ‘Custom Map’ in the server browser.
  • Custom Map Naval now shows as ‘Open Oceans’ instead of ‘Custom Map’ in the server browser.

1.1 & 1.2

Additions & Fixes

Leaderboards & Soldier Rank

  • Pushed an experimental fix for an issue which sometimes caused experience gathered not to contribute towards bettering your standing in the leaderboards or improving your soldier’s rank.


  • Solved an issue which prevented stats-based achievements from being awarded.
» Ones that require progression such as the - ‘Vive L'Empereur!’ achievement where you have to slay 200 enemies whilst playing as French Line Infantryman for instance.
» If you have been affected by the issue, fulfilling the requirement again, for example, scoring a kill will trigger the achievement completion.


  • Roundshot fired from artillery pieces will now diminish in damage as it hits through multiple defences. This will ensure that the round shot eventually comes to a halt if it hits successive player-built defences.

Quality of Life

  • Official servers will now display at the top of the server browser based on the player demand from a particular region. This is being done to provide community servers with greater coverage.
  • You no longer have to scroll through the list of available languages when selecting a language from the options menu. Instead, the entire list will be displayed.

General Bug Fixes

  • Solved a rare occurrence which caused the map to stop loading the next level when swapping between Naval Assault, Naval Battlefield and Coastal Siege game modes.
  • Solved an issue which caused the end round screen whilst playing the Army Deathmatch game mode to appear white.
  • Solved an issue which sometimes prevented players from joining the round if factions where being randomised in the Naval Warfront game mode.
  • Solved issue with text scaling on multiple interface elements when choosing a language other than English.
  • Solved an issue which caused exceptions to be outputted when carrying an object.
  • Solved an issue which caused exceptions to be outputted when firing chain shot.
  • Moved the ‘Spectating’ text further to the bottom of the screen to prevent it from overlapping with the respawn timer.
  • Solved an issue which was causing a significant increase in bandwidth on the server.


Russian Empire! Version 1.0 Now Available

  • Holdfast: NaW Version 1.0. Game is out of Early Access!

New Features

  • Urahh for the Tsar! Russian Empire. Stand shoulder to shoulder and fire devastating volleys in smoke-filled Napoleonic field battles as another nation joins the war.
» New period-accurate uniforms portraying the Russian Empire in all its glory.
» New melee weapons and firearms representative of the Russian Empire.
» A masterful composition of the tune played when the empire sees a victory.
» 7 marching tunes for both fifers and drummers.
» Along with a massive selection of Russian voice-acted orders, cheers, insults, shouts, calls and warcries.
  • Seasonal Leaderboards. Honourably compete to better your standing in the class-based seasonal leaderboards!
» You will find yourself in the hall of fame should you be successful in retaining your standing with the top 5 of your preferred class once a quarterly season comes to an end.
  • Decorated Soldier Medals. Decorated medals will be awarded to enlisted veterans going above the 50th soldier rank with a particular class.
  • Multiple Fronts! The main menu background scene was redesigned to encompass the notion of the fight on multiple fronts.
  • Surgeons, Carpenters, Sappers and Infantry Officers will come equipped with additional unique weaponry that are ever so slightly better than doing the notorious deed with your bare fists.
» Surgeon - Knife
» Carpenter - 1H Axe
» Sapper - 1H Adze
» Infantry Officer - Dirk
  • Steam Collectables. Collectable Steam cards, emoticons, badges and wallpapers.
  • Discord Rich Presence. Join the game directly through Discord, invite friends to join your match, view who’s playing on which server and more!

Loyalist Edition

  • A package for those who wish to go the extra mile and support the development team. Gather access to splendid cosmetic overrides for officer swords, a special medal showing your loyalty to the cause, the ability to ride into battle on a white steed exclusive only to loyalists, soundtracks, artwork and more!
» Downloadable content doesn’t and never will impact gameplay.
» Holdfast Nations: At War - Loyalist (Supporter) Edition


  • Reduced the damage dealt by trampling to enemy infantryman. This will total to a maximum of 40 damage per hit ensuring that the infantryman doesn’t die within a single strike unless the player’s health points have been previously diminished.
  • Solved an issue with trampling hits occurring before the cavalrymen reaches the player.
  • Cavalrymen are now required to be more accurate with their swords when striking at another player from horseback.
  • Multiple maps have received iterations to balance the number of available cavalry units.
  • Infantry Officers now provide a damage reduction from firearms to those good men in the Rank & File when the ‘Charge’ order is given.
» You’ll find fewer losses occurring should you attempt to charge an entrenched enemy.
  • Carpenters are now able to kill horses with a single strike when wielding a 2H Axe.
  • Players being supported with abilities from the Musician, Flagbearer and Guard classes will now be displayed in purple on the minimap.
» This serves as an indication that you’re buffing another whilst playing with these classes.
  • Surgeons are now able to receive the firearm damage reduction bonus provided by Guardsman so they don’t instantly face their demise when healing a line.
  • You will no longer display the melee indicator when healing another player.
  • Sappers now have a dedicated chat channel to communicate in.
  • Renamed the Rifleman chat channel to Skirmishers. Light Infantry units now also have access to this channel.
  • You will now receive score and experience for blocking an enemy player’s melee strike.
  • Experience gathered during a match contributing towards bettering your soldier’s rank, will be displayed on-screen come to this update.
  • Reduced the ‘Sharpe Shooter’ achievement’s kill distance requirement to 75 meters.
  • Reduced the ‘Chosen man’ achievement’s kill distance requirement to 50 meters.
  • Fort Christina no longer features cavalry when played on Army Siege in order to allow defenders a chance to construct defences around the perimeter of the wooden fortification.
» Increased the number of available Sappers for the defenders.

Quality of Life

  • You can now toggle VoIP on and off with a singular click of a button. Press the ‘K’ key to do so as you deem it necessary.
  • You now have the option to collectively mute micspammers from the Round Players ‘P’ menu.
» Administrators are provided with the function to tag someone for doing the deed.
  • You will now continue to autorun when opening the Round Players ‘P’ menu. Should you find the need to mute another player, this will no longer disrupt your play.
  • The Round Players ‘P’ menu now scales dynamically providing players with a cleaner more intuitive interface.
  • Factions are now being randomised rather than predefined per map rotation. Maps which were specifically playable only with certain nations can now also be played by others.
  • Reduced the audio volume of the main menu theme. You can now safely listen to this beautiful composition once more without worrying about your well-being.
  • Prevented the message displayed upon joining a public event server from appearing after each and every time a new round starts. This will instead only become visible once upon joining the server.
  • Players that disconnect from a server are now taken directly to the server browser rather than the main menu screen.
  • You will no longer needlessly load the next map before being disconnected after the daily scheduled server restart ensues.
  • You can now assign a hotkey through the game’s settings to toggle between the cinematic and freeroam cameras.
  • You’ll now find that moving the camera around using the arrow keys while in cinematic mode significantly smoother.
  • Introduced a slider in the game’s options allowing you to adjust the depth of field. Perfectly capture those cinematic shots.
  • Smoothened the zooming of the camera through the scroll wheel when in freecam.
  • Introduced multiple advanced settings accessible through the game’s options menu in order to provide greater control over the cinematic camera.
  • Server administrators are now provided with the option to input a welcome message that gets displayed in the player’s chat upon joining the server.
» Input the following command in the server configuration file: server_welcome_message MyMessage
  • Server administrators are now able to limit the number of lives for the defenders on the Coastal Siege or Army Siege game modes.
» Input the following command per map rotation: max_player_respawn <no.>
  • Server administrators are now able to randomise factions on all game modes.
» Input the following command per map rotation: faction_randomiser both/attacker/defender
  • Server administrators are now able to log administrative actions directly on Discord through web-hooks. We’re sure that this will come in most handy when coordinating administrative tasks during events!
» Input the following commands in the server configuration file:
» discord_webhook_warning_tag_admin <@!ID> | <@!ID>
» discord_webhook_warning_id <webhookID>
» discord_webhook_warning_token <webhookToken>
» discord_webhook_banmute_tag_admin <@!ID> | <@!ID>
» discord_webhook_banmute_id <webhookID>
» discord_webhook_banmute_token <webhookToken>
  • Server administrators are now able to define a reason for bans, kicks and mutes.
  • Players kicked from a server by an administrator will now have the reason displayed.
  • Server administrators can now configure pre-sets for administrator private messages. Configure these to ensure event hosts have easy access to messages they can issue to players for the most common rule breaks. They’ll surely thank you for it.
» Input the following commands per map rotation: admin_action_preset_reason <title>|<message>
  • Server administrators can now use ‘CTRL + ENTER’ as a shortcut to confirm an administrative action instead of pressing the ‘Yes’ button.
  • Server administrators can now set up a series of event rules that get displayed on screen when the player joins the round with a specific class. Refer to our Wiki for more information as this new function also supports rich text for greater configurability.
» Input the following command per map rotation: server_round_rule <class1>,<class2>|<message>
  • Game servers now monitor changes to the muted and banned players file saving you the hassle of having to manually reload the file through rc commands each and every time a change is performed.

Bug Fixes

  • Solved an issue which caused players to get stuck on map load after a server initiates a daily scheduled shutdown.
  • Solved an issue where a game server could appear twice in the browser when refreshing the list.
  • Solved an issue with the spyglass stretching out on 21:9 and 21:10 aspect ratios.
  • Solved an issue where the ‘Sight The Barn’ achievement wasn’t being correctly awarded to the players.
  • Solved an issue where the ‘Strike’ achievement wasn’t correctly tracking consecutive kills with a cannon.
  • Solved an issue with the ‘Explosives Specialist’ achievement, not including kills from rocket artillery pieces.
  • Solved an exception which occurred when a player joins a server directly from a friend through Steam.
  • Solved an issue where players could farm experience with the carpenter class by hitting palisade walls in Fort Salettes or Camp Salamanca.
  • Solved an issue with incorrect textures on one of the buildings in Desert Ruins.
  • Solved an issue which caused players looking through a spyglass to continue doing so even though they just got trampled by a horse.
  • Solved multiple issues with explosive barrels.
  • Solved an issue which caused framerate to drop when the player was adjusting their audio.
  • Solved an issue which caused players to sometimes be unable to pack a rocket launcher after it has been unpacked.
  • Solved an issue which caused players to rarely get stuck on map load.
  • Solved an issue where the ‘Settings’ panel would flash on the first launch.
  • Solved an issue where the top bar in the Naval Assault game mode didn’t reset correctly.
  • Solved an issue where the camera would rotate if the player presses the ‘C’ key whilst having the Voice ‘V’ menu open.
  • Solved an issue where horses would still appear in the kill feed when stricken at even though they are unkillable when God Mode is enabled.
  • Solved an issue which prevented players from spawning if a great number of spawn locations were present in a custom map.
  • Solved an issue which caused players to be unable to load the smaller rocket variant if the launcher was spawned on the map through override props.
  • Solved multiple exceptions that occurred on both server and client.
  • Solved an issue where shrapnel from explosions was ignoring friendly fire.